Make your mark with Signature.  The powerful new personalisation component for Property Guru - the market leading property information website for real estate and valuation professionals.

Create elegant, memorable and fully customisable CMA reports. Signature helps top performers save time, stand out from the crowd and win even more listings.

The formula for real estate success can be quite straight forward, the more listings you win, the more sales you are likely to make.

But often the difference between securing that listing and losing out to a competitor can be as simple as how memorable your proposal document is. Every interaction you have with a potential vendor has to make an impression.

With Signature you can create personalised, high impact and credible proposal documents that get noticed!  To view a sample proposal generated by Signature click here

To learn more about Signature you can view the Signature introductory video click here.

What is your time worth?

How long have you spent in the past creating "the perfect proposal document"?  One hour? Two hours?  Or even a whole day?  What if you could create and save your favourite layout, personalise it and be able to replicate that time and time again - all in a matter of minutes...

With Signature you can create, customise and save your favourite templates and reuse them for each new property proposal.

Signature gives you complete control over how your proposal documents look and feel, with full editing and customisation options.  Signature not only makes your proposals look good, it also gives you a suite of powerful analysis tools to create, accurate, comprehensive and credible Comparative Market Analyses that support your recommendations.

Signature sets you apart from the competition and allows you to:

  • Personalise all your proposal documents
  • Choose from a selection of design themes and sales method templates
  • Choose your coverpage or add a covering letter
  • Add and edit important detail around current listings and comparable sales
  • Add detail about you, your own office or franchise, including company branding
  • Add your own content to create individualised pages which include images
  • Save time - create your own individual look and feel and then save that template
  • Once saved you can output your own unique reports and proposals in a matter of minutes

We believe Signature will change the way you work, giving you a powerful tool for creating compelling, customised proposal documents and freeing up more of your time to win listings and close sales.

Sign-up for the next step in your real estate career and get Property Guru - Signature today!

Property Guru - Signature is now a complete bundled solution for the whole office. It is comprised of the following components:

Access to Property Guru - Signature is based on an annual subscription, and is agreed at an office level and by the number of approved users in an office.

For more information or to arrange a free demonstration call our customer services team on 0508 483 772  or email