Legal Documents

Property Guru provides seamless access to all legal documentation for a selected property at a reduced cost for Property Guru subscribers. 

Property Guru makes it super-easy to comply with the recent REAA recommendation that licensees have a duty to check the title of any property they sell. Offering a priority service that means any document order will be completed and returned within a maximum of three hours during the business hours of 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

Accessing legal documentation through Property Guru is simple, once the target property is selected and the required reference code entered, you can order legal title and ownership information with 3 quick clicks.

Benefits of ordering Legal Docs through Property Guru

  • Extremely Cost Effective - Property Guru's document ordering services are a premium offering, with competitive rates that allow you to get it right first time
  • Accurate Database / One Click Orders - Taking advantage of Terralink’s core matching IP, users can order Certificates of Title and legal documentation by searching for the address and clicking one button
  • Predictive Search and Autopopulation - Property Guru’s powerful predictive search autocompletes and autopopulates so you can find information and order documents faster
  • Save Time - Reduce the requirement to provide other reference data such as parcel ID’s, valuation references or legal description when finding/ordering legal documents
  • Speed - Property Gurus’s priority service means you can fast track the order of any legal document
  • Reconciliation - With Property Guru it’s easy to track who has ordered what document and when. The monthly bill can be reconciled in less than a minute
  • Accurate Tracking - Users can accurately track what they have ordered. The Admin User access means that administrators can keep a tab on staff members and their orders at any stage of the month
  • Unlimited Users - There is no limitation on the number of users who can order documents

Find out for yourself why more and more Property Guru subscribers are using our 3 click document ordering service.